Thank you, Colorado!

We came up a little bit short in the race for CU Regent. The beauty of democracy is that people speak, and in this case, they spoke for a vision for public higher education in Colorado that is different from mine. I respect that and wish Jack Kroll all the best.

I could not be more proud of the campaign that we put together. We spoke the truth, focused on the real issues, and did not pander to easy applause lines. To the many volunteers, to our endorsers, campaign contributors, and folks of good will who spoke well about me and my message: THANK YOU!!  Because of all of you, this experience was enriching, energizing, and meaningful. I will forever encourage others to stick their necks out if they feel the call of service. While disappointed in the result, I have no regrets about running for CU Regent. It was the one elected office I felt passion for, and I thought that the people of Colorado would benefit from the perspective, experience, and vision that I would bring to it. I am so proud of the campaign we ran, and would do nothing differently if I could do it over again.

Stay in touch!

~ Lucky